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Best budget PC Golf Games

My Golf Game featuring Ernie Els

Play golf with Ernie Els at five first class golf courses in the US and England.The game can be played with XBOX360TM® controllers, keyboards, or a mouse and touch-screen, speech recognition, and most of today’s leading accessible gaming technology.

Product Comparisons
  • “The game itself is not bad; however, though it states that it is compatible with Windows 7 format, it is not.” – Ken E Smith
  • “I play at least one round every day.” – Luvmews
  • “Controls are easy to use as well.” – Dennis

Hank Haney World Golf - PC

Create play and communicate. All new physics engine, using real-world data. All new graphical effects including enhanced lighting and shadow systems and more.

  • “You have almost no control over the golfer and there are no instructions to help you understand the controls or how to best play the game.” – Malakin
  • “When using the “3 click power meter” (or any other method of hitting the ball) the meter doesn’t stop when you click the mouse.” – mike777
  • “Also, this game has no website – Hank Haney’s website doesn’t even mention his own golf game.” – D. Ward

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters - PC/Mac
Electronic Arts

Start your journey down the “Road to the Masters” with Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters. Embark on the “Road to the Masters” as your career begins on the amateur tour and work your way through Q School, Nationwide Tour, and finally, the PGA Tour.

Consumer Reports
  • “I am very disappointed in Tiger Woods ’09, it is by far the worst Tiger Woods game I have played.” – skypocket
  • “An internet connection is required even though one does not want to play online.” – Robert Schwartz
  • “Wish I could get money back not worth it.” – George DeAmicis

Links 2003 - PC

Links 2003 brings you the more and better golfing fun with the latest courses and graphics! It’s simply the realistic golf simulation ever created!

Product Reviews
  • “The graphics, physics, and versatility are great!” – Mile High
  • “Or at least, Windows XP is not helpful, even with tons of ram.” – Gelert Casartelli
  • “Also, on Links 2001, a group of online players could continue a game if one player was dropped or lost their connection.” – Robert L Richerson

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 DVD - PC
Electronic Arts

You’re facing a long putt for par on the 17th hole with Tiger Woods clinging to a one stroke lead. You’ve been in this position before, but that doesn’t matter now.

Product Comparisons
  • “A very fun game to play with frends.” – Jeremy J. Driskill
  • “This game is not connected to an EA server.” – Wilbert J Davis
  • “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 is quite simply one of the best golf games ever.” – Gearhead Mania

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006 - PC
Electronic Arts

Is Tiger Woods the best golfer of all time? He’s ready to settle that debate once and for all and only you can stop him. Create a golfer using the most advanced Game Face technology ever released, and battle through five classic periods of golf with Tiger Woods challenging you every step of the way.

Buying Guides
  • “Off-line play is great but, the on-line play is where the real fun and challenges begin.” – Paul Hannafin
  • “There are many playing levels and game options, the graphics are great and the natural backround sounds really add to the realism of the game.” – Mike T.
  • “No patch is issued yet.” – Reader and Writer

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - PC
Electronic Arts

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 takes golf gaming to new level of realism. Experience the next generation of technology as Tiger Woods comes to life — you’ll see and feel each emotion in detail, as it’s displayed onscreen in the faces and movements of the golfers.

Product Ratings
  • “Most of the time, you expect the physics of a golf game to be a little more forgiving than real life.” – Jason A. Ramsey
  • “Thanks for ruining computer gaming EA!” – Michael D. Knapp
  • “I own every version of the TW series from 2003 to 2007.” – Jurgen Halmhofer

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Collection - PC
EA Sports

The best value in computer golf brings you revolutionary Internet play and enough courses to play an entire golf season. Choose to play as or against Tiger Woods or seven other PGA Tour professionals, including Mark O’Meara (1998 Masters and British Open champion), Lee Janzen (1998 and 1993 U.

Hank Haney World Golf
UIE, Inc

Create, Play & Communicate – Superb gameplay, functionality and control. This isn’t a game, it’s a way of life. Hank Haney’s World of Golf features New Course types, Championship Golf, Pitch and Putt, Par 3, Crazy Golf, Mini Golf; New game modes including Stableford, Practice, Nearest the Pin, Longest Drive etc.

Expert Advice
  • “When using the “3 click power meter” (or any other method of hitting the ball) the meter doesn’t stop when you click the mouse.” – mike777
  • “Easily the worst pc game I’ve ever tried to play.” – Bub
  • “Do NOT buy this game,even if you were paid to play this ‘game’,you’d still lose-Your TIME.” – russ frazier

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational

PS VITA Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational…

Product Ratings
  • “It is a fun game and the graphics are great.” – KJ
  • “The game is easy to learn and difficult to master (Hey just like Real golf!).” – Jack Fox, Badgerlord
  • “You’ll love Hot Shots golf, even if you don’t like watching golf, or playing Tiger Woods.” – Gabby_Jay

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